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What I do.

1. Messaging Strategy

Establish a clear message to focus all of your marketing efforts

2. Goal-focused websites

Get an online presence that is focused on results and represents your brand professionally

3. Marketing Campaigns

Get traction towards your goals with a focused set of digital marketing tactics

Does any of this sound familiar?

• you're paralyzed by the idea of launching a website

• you have a website, but you sort of hope nobody finds it

• your marketing messages feel unfocused and unrelated to each other

• your audience doesn't understand the value that you are offering...

Hello, I'm Tad.

I help brands get a clear message, goal-focused website, and comprehensive marketing campaigns to help them stand out and resonate with their audience.

My work is typically a mix of 1) helping my clients see what's possible and 2) crafting a plan that fits where they are. Solutions are designed to fit a wide variety of needs and capacity–from "advisory" to set my clients up for success, to "done with you" projects as a helping hand, to "done for you" fully implemented solutions.

The fact is, long before I knew that I was in marketing, I had lots of ideas and loads of enthusiasm. Now, with education, experience, and lots of reps, I've picked up methods for helping my clients get traction on their ideas. I absolutely enjoy helping brands move forward and make a difference for their customers, community, and the people who work there.

Read on to learn more about my services. And feel free to reach out to me with the form below if you are interested in discussing options for your brand.


Website Design

It's 2021 and websites should look good, work well, be usable on mobile devices, and be built to pursue goals. A website is the online hub of a brand which supports other marketing efforts. Look good, serve customers, pursue brand objectives–let's discuss a new website.

Brand Messaging Guide

Effective messaging begins with intentional choices. With a brand messaging guide, we'll define the key characteristics of your message and create key pieces of content such as an elevator pitch, tagline, and brand narrative. In the end, you will have a clear set of messaging tools to be reused throughout your marketing and keep your messaging focused.

À La cart

Some additional services are available to current clients. These include photography, videography, copywriting, content creation, social media and Google advertising, and public relations campaigns.

Additionally, subcontractors can be involved, adding a wide variety of potential services.

Social Media Playbook

With a Social Media Playbook in hand, take the guess work out of social media and move forward with a focused, objective-based plan tailored to your capacity.
(combine a SMP with a Brand Messaging Guide, for a sweet combo!)

Marketing Campaigns

This is the fun part. Campaigns are meant to pursue specific objectives for a set amount of time.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns are designed using an "integrated" set of marketing tools to lead your audience through a marketing funnel towards specified objectives.

Full-Suite Marketing Support

Full-suite marketing support is for broader and longer "done for you" marketing support.

This option is only available to clients following completion of another project/workshop to allow for an entry-level experience before a larger committment.

Foundational Strategy Development

While this is not for all of my clients, in an ideal world, "marketing" begins much sooner than when it comes to selling. Market research, positioning, and product development, can all be built to work synergistically and make the "selling" process a natural extension of this previous work. With this deeper marketing strategy, I'll work to help align your business towards marketing objectives.

Marketing Cohort Workshop

Coming soon! Join others in a group workshop setting as we discuss various areas of marketing, week by week, and apply the learning to your own marketing throughout the process. This is a great option in low-budget situations or as a first step towards deeper marketing projects. More details to come–message me with the form below to receive updates about the workshop.

I came to Tad for assistance because my business had become stagnate.  We feel great about the product and services we can offer at Embold.  However, we were having trouble getting our organization noticed.  After talking with Tad, I quickly realized the piece we were missing was the expertise he could provide.  Tad was engaged to completely revise our marketing strategy.  I couldn’t have asked for a nicer guy to work with on our project.  He was kind, patient, and extremely knowledgeable.  The results of his efforts have been outstanding!  We have experienced tremendous growth since he reset our strategy.  Tad has established himself as a highly valued, long-term partner for Embold.

Rob Musick
CEO, Embold Inc.

The Pickwick Place was looking for an overarching marketing strategy.  We needed someone that could provide relevant recommendations in the ever changing media landscape.  Tad has taken the time to understand the vision of our business and he has put intentional marketing into play that aligns perfectly with where we want to go.  This past year our business experienced a growth of over 30%.  We also expanded our Facebook audience by 29% in the course of 8 months.  We credit Tad for providing the leadership needed to achieve our goals.

Laura Stuckey
Owner, The Pickwick Place

Working with Tad has been a very good experience. When we first started I had a lot on wanted to accomplish on my website and the experience I wanted to capture for customers. Tad did an astounding job with truly listening to my ideas and made adjustments accordingly to strike a perfect balance of capturing my vision while utilizing his well understood knowledge of media platforms and techniques. I have been happy with the results and continue to work with him on future projects.

Nick Rundo
Chief Navigator, Northern Territory Lighting

When Tad started working with us, we knew we needed help updating our website. He took our ideas and created an eye-catching and user-friendly website. Tad has been easy to work with and is dedicated to his projects/clients. We have seen an increase in our website orders/traffic and have received several comments on the design from our customers. Besides being a pretty cool brother-in-law, Tad has been a great marketing partner!

Hannah Stuckey
Owner, The Ohio Flower Girls


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