Hi, I'm Tad.

A freelance marketer based in Bucyrus, Ohio.

I love working with clients who are passionate about their brand and take pride in what they do. I hope you'll see a lot of passion on this "about" page as well.

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There we are! My wife, my little sidekick, and this guy. Our group grew to three in October '22 and I couldn't ask for better motivation for my work. My wife, Haley, is also an entrepreneur and along with her sister owns The Ohio Flower Girls–a small flower farm and florist shop in Bucyrus. She and I were both raised in Bucyrus and after a few years in Kansas City moved back to the area in 2021.

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Kansas City

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From 2014-2021 while living in Kansas City and working at Nazarene Compassionate Ministries International, I was involved in a wide range of our marketing activities. I also gained a bit of insight into community development while working alongside a group well-versed in it. That opportunity broadened my perspective of the world through extensive travel and working alongside an incredible group of people.

During that time I earned a bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership and completed an additional year of schooling in Digital Marketing–part of the journey to freelancing.

I also became a certified BBQ judge while in KC... can't leave that part out!

my clients

From day one, I have been a marketing partner for both The Pickwick Place and The Ohio Flower Girls. Throughout this time both brands have seen significant growth, all while I have been able to continue developing my services.

Now, I work with clients in a range of industries. My client is typically has a proven track record and is ready for another step. We work together best when they are passionate about what they do and are dedicated to investing in a quality, well-rounded marketing program. More about that next...

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how I work

As a one-man agency, I had a choice to make: try to do a little for many or try to go deep with a few; I'm pursuing the latter.

Rather than focusing on a single tactic and hoping that it fits, my agency is able to help clients take a broad look at their marketing and provide a personalized plan.

My ideal client is willing to invest in a well-rounded marketing program, built on principles of steady, long-term progress.

You can read more about my marketing approach in this case study.

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  • Digital Marketing

    Johnson County Community College (KS)

  • Organizational Leadership

    MidAmerica Nazarene University

  • Media Communications

    Pioneer Career and Technology Center


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